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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jour -3

Hi everyone!

I woke up so early this morning mika decided to play under the bed with his little tiger! How I love my cat! I tossed and turned for about 15min and then decided to get up had my morning coffee and got ready for work! Thanks to the timer in my coffeemaker it was ready when I got up!

Since I washed my hair Sunday I didn't have time to straighten it and I have to admit I was kinda lazy to do it lol
So I let it curly...but it's a lot harder to manage my curly hair!! So this morning I put some mousse in it and some spray to keep the curls round do they don't puff up! Everyone thought it was pretty except me of course lol I guess we're never happy with what we have right? lol

I got home from work today and omg I love this warm weather! Love the sun shinning in the house, my windows and patio door are open! Enjoying every bit of it!! All the snow is melting can't be happier! Also today is officially Spring!!! :)

Tomorrow I'm doing the late shift I already set my alarm for 9:30am! I start at 12 and end at 8pm! it's going to be a long day! Usually it's not that busy past 5pm at work, I'm going to bring a book an read a bit at work!

Tonight le menu is baked asparagus and spaghetti sauce without the pasta!
I wanted to eat something tomato-ish and had some frozen spaghetti sauce in the freezer! Perfect! It took me 20 to cook the asparagus and heat up the sauce! It's amazing and carbless :)

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday and enjoyed the beautiful weather wherever you are! Xoxo


**Left the house to this bugger sleeping on the couch **

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