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Friday, March 23, 2012

Roadtrip <3

Hellooooo everyone :) today is Friday and I'm off!! Perfect way to start a mini vacation lol

Woke up at 7:30am even though I had my alarm set for 8:30am! Somehow I couldn't sleep past it! Before going to bed we packed our stuff and picked our outfit for this morning! So all we had needed was a shower and off we were :)

Before heading on our RT we had a appointment at the veterinary for mika this morning; Picked up our coffee at Tim Hortons and a bagel for hubby ( I packed myself a cereal bar from home)
We also got our grey goose bottle for tonight ;) party time! haha

This is the first ROADTRIP in our new car! So comfortable and pumping the music for energy! We have about 6 hours to go! We'll stop at Montreal for lunch, hubby wants to bring me to this burger place (they are mini burgers) its called dic ann's :) another burger?
Oh boy*

Yesterday we ended going to this really good burger place ( I know..I know...) here in Quebec city Chez Victor, the service is really good and food is very good!
We ordered a side of French onions rings and my burger! I wasn't able to finish my burger I only ate half and shared fries and French onion ring with hubby! I was so full and felt a bit nauseous because I'm not used to eat so much food and the onion rings were a bit oily... I had a green tea when I got home and it was all good!

While driving on the highway I was surprised that there was absolutely NO SNOW whatsoever everything melted! Such a different weather since last year! No skidoo this year at the cottage :( We were excited I guess it'll be for next year!

Hubby and I talked about our trip this summer! We honestly can't wait to go away and enjoy each other no drama,no stress, absolutely nothing!
This is a lifetime trip that we are going to go before we have kids! I don't imagine myself with kids on a cruise...! Maybe one day! Never say never lol

My goal this weekend is to enjoy the nature around the cottage, Go for walks and maybe hike but for sure have some sort of activity outside!
I promise to take pictures for everyone!!=)

Stopped at Walmart on the way and picked up a few things and some Easter eggs for the kids :) I finally tried the burger and the Poutine ( fries,gravy & cheese) oh boy!! It was really good but man I can feel the fat packing on! lol I notice that every time I have carbs i feel so dehydrated and I drink about 2-3 bottles of water and my poor tummy have a hurt time to digest...I'll stop for some green tea it'll do me some good like yesterday!

I created this old school' playlist loving it! way back play back!!
Dr.dre, Eminem, Tupac, Jamie foxx and more! Loving it! Love how music makes us all happy and puts us in a great mood! I purchased Ray Charles album :) after watching the movie and also because I love his voice and his songs! It'll ALWAYS be a classic!

I hope everyone have a good Friday! The weekend is here and we all get to sleep in an relax for 2 days!

Le menu ce soir is going to be made by hubby's father! He is a good cook!
I might stay light tonight and not eat anything filling or a big plate! His dad is making home made burgers , strike 3 for me I'm going to eat the meat part only and no bread for me with a big salad on the side!

Xoxoxo going by the fire to relax with some tea xoxo :)

A demain! *

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