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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello sun?

6:20am...I woke up before the alarm rang? It must be the weather?
One day its sunny outside and mild and the other day it's raining and windy which makes it very cold and slippery out there! Oh boy!
Spring/summer if you know how to read please come back to us!!!
We deeply miss you and love you :)

This time change makes me so tired! By 9:30pm at night I'm exausted! Tonight I'm gonna try to go to bed earlier... Even though I had a full 8 hours of sleep I am still tired... The key to wake me up in the morning is a very strong smell and cup of coffee! What would we do without coffee lol! I might sip on some earl grey tea to wake me up a bit..I don't want to end up sleeping on the couch tonight lol that would not be funny.
All I'm thinking,breathing,talking about is our move and trip! I actually woke up to a lovely text message from hubby saying that all his hard work is worth it and that he is just visualizing our new place and our upcoming trip! He is so right! There's about 2 1/2 months left and we are going to get through it all! Like we always do!
I'm so proud of him!*

Im still looking for deals online since we have to get new a whole new living room ,dining room and some other house related stuff...so far Ashley Furniture is my #1 choice but I still have my eye out for a good deal! if I can save more$$ it would be awesome!!
                                                 Anyone has any ideas??

Le menu ce soir is leak soup something tres simple with a small side salad and some chick peas added to that.. Perfect cold weather meal... I wish we had a fire burning fireplace in weather such like today it would be so nice to heat the house with it and the bonus to that would be the smell around the house.. In less than 2 weeks we'll get to snap out our busy life and really relax... can't wait!!

I hope everyone had a good Hump Day!

xoxoxo Kiss*

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