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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday birds*

We were the last one to get up this morning!8:35am showered and got ready to go downstairs to have breakfast! Must say I'm kinda sad that it's our last day here at the cottage! :( but we have to get back to our reality! And hubby is home for 2 weeks!!!! Couldn't even get any better than that!

After breakfast we decided to take a walk in the forest to the other cottage! I have to say that I am SO SCARED of bears or any living forest creature? Don't ask...why...
I will bring my bear mace and wear the bell!!! Lol even though they are more scared of me! After all the fattening food I had yesterday I need to walk it off lol and the it's perfect opportunity to wear my leopard runny boots :) I baught them online (hautelook.com) and they were $25+shipping! Coming from $165 it's original price! Packed some water bottles and off we went!

It's a bit cloudy today and chilly! It's weird we're between summer and winter! No snow but yet no sunshine!
I wish there was some snow so I could snow shoe outside around the lake!
If you guys wants to check out the spa that we're at this weekend I'll have the link in my blog tomorrow! But you can google the name and click on the link ;) look up the picture below it has it's information.

We planned to go to the general store this afternoon so we can pick up some cat food and maybe get a town Poutine YUM!!! I always wanted to have a treadmill and I'm still shopping around for it online... I might look into it this week.. I hope to get a good deal!

I'm a bit scared to weight myself tomorrow when I get home! I did gained weight I'm sure!!! I hate loosing 2lbs off for a week and gain it and Back where I started the week after! Lol I know this isn't a yoyo diet so I have to figure out a way to keep the weight off when I'm away from home! I have to plan something out, that's for sure!! I can't seem to eat well with family around and kids also! So hard!! Next time I'm going to pack the food and bring it wherever we go that way It'll make my life easier! it's all my fault I need to handle it in a better way!

5km hike later, we took the car and went in town to pick up some kitty food and stopped at this little casse-croûte and had a Poutine ( we did share a medium one) and a toasted hot dog each; I couldn't believe the bill... $15 for all that!! This is so good! [the picture makes it look big but it isn't I promise]
I like my hot dogs with cabbage and mustard nothing else lol

Tonight we booked the baths again! I'll try to take some pictures! I sometime leave my phone inside the house because i don't trust myself with it when we go there! I get so clumsy at times ;uncontrollable like hubby says sometimes? Lol

Before the baths I had an hour nap! Felt so good! Ready to tackle this upcoming week?? Am I?

Le menu ce soir is roast beef roasted on the BBQ for about 3 hours! so good added roasted potatoes with tomato and bocconccini and some fresh basil!
His dad is a really good cook! Love it!!

Have a good Sunday night everyone!
Xoxoxo :)


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