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Friday, March 30, 2012

End of March...already?

Happy Friday everyone!

Hubby was wide awake this morning at 7am, and jumped out of bed to shower before me? LOL He can't shower before me it doesn't work like that I'll be late for work!! Lol not working! So I rushed before him in the shower and I won!! Haha he was busy on his cell anyways :)
Can't believe it's already the end of March already.. Summer is around the corner and that means I'll be able to run outside!! Yess!!! I am even thinking of getting a bike.. I was a late birdy and learned how to bike at the age of 13! I remember that day like it was yesterday! My cousin told me that he would hold the bike and that it would be very easy! Yeah.. Did I hear easy??? Lol!! at one point I caught speed and he let go of the bike because i was going way too fast and I completely end up on the floor face first and scratch the whole side of my neck and face! Oh boy! Even tho I learned the hard way, I do like to bike now haha :) No I really do ,it's a great outdoor sport and it's a perfect couple activity on a hot summer day/evening!

Today is our famous trip to Costco
  • -cheese
  • -baby bok choy
  • -cucumber
  • -tomatoes
  • -spinach
  • -meat (ground beef, pork)
  • -milk
  • -greek yogurt low fat of course :)
  • -tapioca ( no sugar added )
  • -mango & green grapes
  • -brocoli
  • frozen chicken wonton
Le menu ce soir for me is my wonton soup :) ( 4 chicken and coriander wonton = 50kcal) and some organic chicken broth ( don't have any homemade in the freezer), very simple and low calorie..

I didn't end up walking around the block today.. I didn't have time.. After work we went to costco and then headed home which took about 2 hours..Then hubby unpacked our groceries while I did some yoga ( 20mins =40kcal) which I thought was very hard today! My cardio is pretty good but when it comes to strengh oh man! I totally suck!!!But pain is worth it right?

We were suppose to head out tonight but hubby doesn't feel like it!I guess it's the age.. lol :) I really wanted to go out to dance so we could enjoy ourselves and yet have a little work out lol but I guess this weekend is not it! Anyways I am gonna go and head in the shower xoxo

I hope everyone had a good day at work or wherever you are :)



Ps: I added a little surprise that I was able to catch on video when hubby came to pick me up!! He cracks me up sometimes and this is why I love him! :)

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