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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump day jour -1

Woke up at 9ish this morning, I love sleeping in! I feel energized! I couldn't set the coffee timer yesterday I forgot to buy coffee this week and I don't have enough to make some this morning! So knowing that yesterday night I put the leftover coffee from the day before in a Tupperware lol and left it in the fridge so that I would be able to warm it up in the morning! Must say Great idea! I also made myself a spinach omelette this morning! I had time to sit and enjoy my coffee; it was Nice! I even had time to read some blogs before leaving to work!

Today is hump day! We're almost done this week! Counting the days down!! -3 days and hubby and I are off to the cottage! I remembered his parents talked about the wifi connection they added to their guest rooms at the spa/ cottage! So that means..... That I'll be able to write my blog and share some pictures from our trip!!!=)

I am still a bit sore from Sunday; hopefully I'll feel a bit better before our trip! If there is still some snow we might go snowboarding again or snow shoeing! I hope Ill be able to get my weekly activity this week & that it won't cost a lot of $$$!

Today is my late shift at work; I am doing the 12-8pm! So far so good... It's actually quiet today at work it's probably because of the nice weather we've been having lately.
I had my lunch/dinner at work today; I brought some hearts of palm with the fish that I made Monday and some asparagus!! It was really good and filling, I also had some butter cookies (2) for my sweet tooth!! I am full and hopefully I won't be hungry after work...

Hubby is coming back tomorrow and I can't wait to be with him and catch up on our week! I missed him!! He is back for about 2 weeks at home now J and we're 2 days away from our mini vacation!! Yes!!! Road trip!!

I hope everyone had a good Wednesday!

Going back to work J and finishing up my groceries list. Xoxo

Love & Kisses


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