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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snow Flake*

Woke up this morning to about 5-10 centimeters of snow on my balcony... Don't mind me but I love snow but past The time change there shouldn't be any snow nor a small snow storm... My cat is so amazed by the snowflakes he spent all day in front of the window... So cute <3

Today I had a meeting with the human resources department Today to let them know the reason why I'm leaving.. It went well took about an hour signed all the paperwork And then went back to work and had lunch!
Went to my friend house today for lunch and we made a stop to this organic grocery store and picked up some seafood salad ( I hope they used extra virgin oil and low kcal mayo) and 2 very tiny buns, I added my tomatoes that I brought from home..I noticed that when I eat a big meal at lunch such as a pasta meal, fries, rice or anything like that.. It makes me feel tired about an hour after my lunch... So I decided to stick with something light and healthy!!

I'm glad it's Thursday today because My body feels so tired and I don't know why...I remember last time when we changed the time we gained an hour of sleep and it was really nice because I got to sleep another hour but this time my body cannot seem to adjust to the current time..I don't know why!!
I'm going to look into massage packages today, that might help!

Hubby Is coming back home today!!YAY!!! I can't wait to see him!
I checked the weather this weekend and it's going to be beautiful!! We should definitely plan something nice outside. Also this weekend it'S St.Patricks day maybe we'll stop for some green beer :)

I weight myself yesterday and I gained a few pounds… Yes I must admit i am disappointed in myself but I did also reincorporate some carbs in my diet because I have to start working out and prep for my marathon in September. I am very motivated and I hope one day running would be part of my daily routine! I am working hard to stay in shape and I know I can!

Le menu ce soir, chinese wonton soup and some butter cracker and a small tomato salad for a total of 250kcal! I added some spinach and broccoli this time and spiced it up with some hot sauce.. So good and comforting..

Have a good thursday night.. Perfect I get to cuddle with hubby and watch Grey's tonight..:)

xo Kisses*

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