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Monday, March 12, 2012


*Happy Monday*

Thank g it's Monday? Can we say that? Lol! I have to agree with what I said yesterday today went by really fast, we are going to have a quick week!Who's complaning? lol
This morning hubby left for another week... I'm going to miss him so much!! He has so much work lately and a lot to do and think about at work, so I told him to not worry about our move and that he should just focus on work and me [ :) ofcourse ] and I will take care of our move!

In 2 weeks we're going to the cottage and spend some time with his family, his parents have a spa up there and the coolest thing out of it all is that we'll leave our cellphones at home the entire weekend! That's really going to be awesome!
Can't wait!
We are going to have some massages, hot baths outside, steam baths and the spend some quality time with the family in the hot tub outside!

 Each year I make little easter baskets for the nephews and nieces.. I have to get started soon because I only have 2 weeks and I haven't started yet...I already have my list and I need to get on it! I saw some really nice decorations on Williams Sonoma I might just get some tonight if it doesn't take too long to get here.. If not then I'll go to Walt-Mart and pick up a few decorations and most important chocolate**I'll take some pictures for you guys!

Le menu tonight is very simple, a while back we got some frozen onion soup at Costco and it is the 2nd best french onion soup I have ever tasted! But no one can beat my hubby's french onion soup :) lol The one that I am having tonight is about 210kcal with the cheese and croutons added!Can you believe that? 
 I was starving when I got home so I warmed up some left over from yesterdays dinner and ate that when I got home, enough to hold me until dinner tonight!




I also had some Rice thins brown rice crisps ( 9 crackers = 90 kcals); really good and crispy :)

I hope you have a good Monday!

Have a good night!


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