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Friday, March 16, 2012

Late saturday

I knew I slept past 9am this morning because I could here the neighbors on top of our apartment talking... Mom called at around 10:30am, best alarm clock ever ;) love you mom!

We didn't ended up going out yesterday, we were very tired at around 9pm.. Imaging now if we were out it would've been an early night! Lol
We decided to watch the part 3 of the famous movie Ray ( Ray Charles)! It's an amazing movie I absolutely loved it!!! We also rented Ali but we didn't watch it because it was way to late and we were already half asleep in bed!

Today we are going to enjoy the last days of winter! Snow shoeing is what we're doing today! it's pretty fun an it's an amazing workout especially the cardio!for about 2hours it's more than 1000kcal! oh yeah I can't wait! Knowing that we were going to do that today I had half an oven bread and a spinach omelette with a nice cup of coffee! Got to eat when you work out!!
This morning breakfast was about 350kcal, which is not that bad at all!!

Even though we woke up late we had a really good and constructive day! Dishes are cleaned, self cleaning was turned on and my oven is clean for another 4/5 months :) bed sheets and laundry is for! I love the smell of clean clothes!

Le menu ce soir is scallop, Cauliflower purée and cooked spinach made by my amazing hubby, we also have Ice cream left in the freezer, the really good island breeze :)

I hope you guys had a good Saturday!
Sorry for the late blog :)

We're going to watch 'Ali' :)

"move like a butterfly sting like a bee"


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