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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Snow day?

*Love this quote*

Woke up this morning with a better attitude! I want to apologize to all of you for my weird mood lately!
I woke up at 6:15am sharp this morning coffee was already set up for 7:00am! Oats is what I had this morning! I wish I had some banana to add it in there or some almond butter, with a teaspoon a chia seeds! Perfect breakfast that would hold me until lunch!
Also we did get an unpleasant surprise, we had 10-15cm of snow on the ground :( this is not what we were hoping to see in the morning! Mother Nature is full of surprise!
I am definitely S.O.R.E today!! It was funny this morning hubby had to help me get ready for work! Lol I wasn't able to put a Shirt on! Lol
Hubby wanted me to take a picture for the blog lol sorry guys next time I run faster than him! Ha-ha he wasn't able to catch me!
Yesterday I got a clean clothes basket folded! Yes down to one! Tonight greys anatomy is on. Perfect timing to fold another basket! Love folding when there is something I like on TV because the time goes by so fast and the clean clothes gets folded really fast! =)
Is there a particular subject or topic you guys want me to talk about?? Let me know in the comments! J
Today at work it wasn't that bad; they changed my skill set and set me on the English skill set today =less complicated calls! Because my skill set changed today, my breaks and lunch also changed with it; Instead of eating at 11:30am, I am going to have lunch at 12:45! lol I have some organic rice crackers that will 4sure hold me until lunch time.. Not really hungry toady tho I did have oats this morning...
Just went out to get myself some decaf coffee and I looked out of the window and it's all white outside. I now remember why we call this month CRAZY MARCH lol
This morning on the radio they did add that we were going to get more snow! I think we might be able to go snow shoeing this weekend? Hubby and I are going to squeeze in a walk tonight, I don't mind the snow but I really hope that there will be no windchill! That is something that I will never get use too!
Le menu ce soir is grilled chicken (already marinated) that we got this week, We might add a side of cucumber + tomato salad with it! (and rice for hubby) I am not sure if I will be able to eat it all tonight because right now I am not really hungry.. but it might change..
Friday I will buy some Kale so we can have kale chips and I want to try it out with some garlic powder on it! Couple weeks ago we went to this organic store and I saw this Kale chips package that they were selling for $5.99 each... I find it expensive so I make my own lol
I heared about it while watching a tv show and YouTube it to know how to make it!Its very very simple, it has an earthy to it..You can add salt on it, garlic powder, bbq sauce on it ; Pretty much anything you like to eat as a side dip...You guys should try it!
I finally finished up the laundry basket and I am doing some more! I hate when I clean some kitchen towels or bathroom towels and they come out a bit smelly! I am trying this new bio soap but it has no added scent to it so I guess it's the price to pay when we go green lol? lol So I use this *amazing* (did I say Amazing? ) cycle called Powerwash cycle , it cleans absolutely everything (soil, blood, oil, stains)!! I am going to start a load and do a powerwash cycle!

I hope you guys had a good Thursday*



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