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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Late Tuesday

Hello Everyone!

Tossing around in the morning is never a good thing! I woke up every hour starting 3am! When my alarm rang this morning Oh boy.. Felt like someone was knocking something inside oh my head! So I called in at work and advised them that I would be coming in late... I usually start work at  8am but today I slept until 9ish and got to work at 10am.

We didnt have time to do our groceries last week because we weren't home.. There was no more coffee, barely any breakfast other than my fibre bars...So we opted for Tim Hortons this morning, boy was I glad that they upgraded the sizes lol!!!Because I was late I only had a 15min break and no lunch for me.. Stayed and worked all the way until 4pm! I'm such a trooper! :)

Even tho we're back from our mini family vacation up North;I still feel tired.. I am not so sure why..
Hubby and I decided that we needed to get out of the house tonight and do something together to snap our of that weird mood so I booked the squash room for 2 hours and I'm sure that this is going to help a whole lot!

I wrote down some of the food that we need until friday( our next grocery shopping) :
-organic gluten free tortilla
-Greek yogurt
-chia seeds
-organic salsa mix (spicy)
-bread (for hubby)
-green apples
-organic green tea

Le menu ce soir for me is some of that new tortilla chips, spicy salsa mix an my avocado recipe! (avocado,coriander,salt,red onions and some lemon juice). Hubby warmer up some boeuf bourguignon that he made last year.. I don't like that ( I know I know how right!?) but I did have a bit of his with a bite of his garlic bread...

I hope everyone had a good Monday..my bad Tuesday.. I feel like its Monday for me today! Isn't it cool!


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