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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday spa day*


My Sunday started early... hubby's alarm woke me up at 4am, his flight left at 6am.. My heart melts every time I see him go abroad for work! Sight* I am definitely going to miss him!! The positive thing about this week is that he is going to be home on Wednesday around noon so if we're lucky enough ( flight not being delayed)
We might have lunch xo so will see!

After he left I went back to bed,and woke up around 9ish, me and my cousin (just like my sister) had a Skype date; it's been so long since we had our last conversation so it was good to talk to her and catch up a bit! she always makes me laugh!! I love her!

After our talk I had to get ready because I had a spa day booked with one of my good friend! I brought this book that I had on my night table and decided to give it a try! Again that's one of the book that I took from my moms night table Lol! she has good taste what can I say! And I must say that the book is very interesting! I love to read in French it's a way not to forget my French and remember ma conjugaison! lol

This spa is one of my favorite place to be!They have salted water, and have many water stations for the whole body e.g there's this one that you stand up on cold bubbles and hold on to this bar and while holding on they have a jet set for your back muscle! love it!!! Usually when we go to the spa I leave there feeling so relax and tired like I worked out an entire day! This one on the other hand keeps it interesting! And when you leave you are relax but yet feel like you just had a couple massages!! I really had a good time with her! we talked about everything an nothing-you know girls talk ;)

Oh man I still feel full from diner last night! It was amazing! And since it was my cheat day I did have 1cup of rice n Half way eating it I was extremely full! I should have stopped but I kept eating lol because it was my treat! Right?=)
Also right after diner I brushed my teeth because I find that having my teeth clean helps me not to snack! weird but it works and I'm sticking by it!

So le menu tonight I had some left over steak,bok choy on a romaine salad! It was really good!And coming back from the spa I was very zen and didn't feel like cooking a big meal.Also on the way back from the spa we stopped at this organic store where I got myself some organic popcorn 2 1/3cup for 160 Kcal! This is not bad at all This place did have a lot of good food for a very affordable price!

So sorry guys I didn't take picture of the spa, I wasn't allowed to have my cellphone inside!But Here are some pictures that resumes our day!

I am going to watch some shows and probably fall asleep early..
Bonne Nuit mes amis! xoxo

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