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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring where are you?

Spring...Spring...Spring... Where are you? I woke up this morning to some more snow and my weather app stating -8 degrees. Ouch! This Sunday we are changing our time for spring time, and the famous question that everyone is asking. Are we loosing an hour or are we adding one?? Mesdames et Monsieurs we are adding another hour to our schedule!So don't forget to set your alarm Sunday night! tic*toc*tic*toc*

Hubby came back home today and we did have lunch together! First time in 3 months that I had pasta… We were planning to have his delicious roasted pork tonight but after eating pasta for lunch there is no way I can log the pork in without exceeding my daily calorie budget!!! I'll just have something light for dinner tonight.. maybe hearts of palms salad and some smoked salmon on the side for my protein :)
While at work I thought about this recipe that my mother use to cook for us! Gateau Piment (chilli cakes)! It use to be my favorite snack when I was little. It is so good and somewhat healthy for you ( if you bake it instead of frying it), so we stopped at IGA and picked up what I needed to make it! ( split yellow peas,hot peppers,cumin,coriander) I can't wait to try it out! Sometimes I give it so much thought and yet it still doesn't come out like mother would do it, even though its all the same ingredients! Just weird! I guess mom's food will always be the best! Can't beat that!
Here is a picture what chilli cakes looks like :)

Work today was insane! lol crazy busy!I can't wait to watch tv tonight and relax! Hubby and I both deserve it! We rented this movie with Richard Gere abd Topher Grace, it looks good! Can't wait to be in each others arms and relax together :)

I hope you guys had a really good Humpty Dumpty Day*


Goodnight xo

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