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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mercredi oui,oui,oui!

Morning everyone!

Snooze...Snooze...Snooze....7:01am... Rushed in the shower and got ready in literally 15mins lol!!
I woke up to some snow outside... I don't mind it as long as it's not a snow storm! While I was putting my shoes on this morning I then remembered that we worked out yesterday..lol I'm a bit sore but it's getting better I have to admit!

Hubby set up the coffee for 7am this morning, I totally forgot to set it up!I love when he makes it, it's very strong enough to keep you awake for the entire day lol! I made myself some quick oats this morning.. ( 1 pack for 110kcal) but I couldn't finish the whole bowl so I ate half of it..Next time I might add some banana and chia seeds in it! That's a good idea...

 I am trying to figure out another activity with hubby!After our workout yesterday we wanted to rent the room to play some badminton today but they don't do badminton on Wednesday until late April :( what a bummer! I have a friend of mine that goes to a spinning class twice a week.. Maybe I'll try that or I can try to get a monthly membership to a gym for the next 2 months until my move? Everytime I get a membership I don't end up going and it ends up being a waste of money.. Which I have to be really smart about right now with all of the house expenses coming up!
I was able to get a free coupon because she is a member of this particular gym!
Omg lol I can't walk anymore! Let alone I'm still sore since yesterday! Ouch! My friend is a trooper! I gave up after 30min and was just going at my own pace! Lol I need to definitely bring up my cardio! I will thank her tomorrow with a ice pack at her desk :) haha
460kcal burned today! YES!
There is a big amount of clothes piled up on my sofa from our trip, while hubby is cooking I'm folding the clothes.. It goes pretty fast when you watch tv! This actually makes me think that I need to clean up my closet! it's a total mess!

Le menu ce soir is baked curry salmon with a side of cooked broccoli and spinach and a homemade spicy salsa which we call chatini where I come from.

I hope you guys had a good hump day! Xoxo

Lots of things to do around the house xoxo

Good night


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