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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day after the bachelor...

I usually don't watch the bachelor all the time unless I'm very intrigued by it, I started watching this season about 2 episodes ago lol (the women tell all and the season finale) Oh boy! Talk about drama eh! Would any of you go on a world dating show to find love? I mean it's not easy to find love in normal life, now imagine in a worldwide TV. Show! These women are brave!!
And the final rose goes to... Drum roll...Courtney ding ding ding ding!!!... See I think they look cute together and genuinely in love with one another but again she put herself out there and as she said her defense mechanism was her bad attitude...
On our side view it's better not no judge a book by its cover right?
The weather is starting to warm up! There is no more snow on my balcony and the mountain of snow that piled up in the backyard is slowly melting! Love the sun*
*Summer is around the corner*
Work was very busy today! Half of the calls today were people wanting to confirm their travel insurance! Everyone is going on vacation! But I forgot that this week was March break which actually thinking about it now makes a lot of sense! If you had to pick one place where you would go on vacation, where would it be? hmm this is hard to pick.. There are so many places where I want to go! But the ultimate destination would be New Zealand! I would love To go and explore this country, I saw pictures online and always thought that this place was breathtaking.. Maybe one day? Our next vacation? Lol I hope so! Cross fingers... Anything is possible just hoy to put your mind into it! :)
Tonight I had a get together with one of my friend from work.. She just went through something bad and wanted to spend time with a friend and have some girly time! Tonight's *menu* is meat fondue with a side of salad with some cucumber on the side to snack on...
I had a good time with her we caught up on a lot of stuff.. Talked about my move, living here, the memories that hubby and I made... Etc... Just talking about "the move" makes me sad...We've made our life here and we settled down for the first time in 3 years... ( we moved a few times ) and Quebec city was the best city so far! I think it's going to hit me on our moving day! We better have some Kleenex!! Lol

Sorry everyone for the late blog today... :)

xoxoox Good night*


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