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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bambi in the background*

8:30am is when we got up this morning! Loving this beautiful weather!
It's not so warm and not so cold!!
Mika enjoyed his new surroundings and slept with us yesterday:) too cute!

We played with the dog a bit and walked around the house with him!
Such a cute german Shepard, I had one of them when I was little back in the days when we lived in Mauritius!
I got him as a gift since she was 2 months, we named her prunelle (google the word translation) she was beautiful!!! had a lot of fun with their dog today his name is J'M ( I love in English) such a cutie!

Coffee was already made this morning! I love his moms coffee ( she adds a little touch of love in it ;) ) a secret and it's so good and tasty! I also had some strawberries this morning, 2 boiled eggs and a medium size banana! very filling and that will defenitly hold me until lunch time!

We have massages scheduled today!
90 mins it it! Every time I get a massage I don't end up satisfied but this time was amazing! She was perfect! Massage all the right spots and I even felt asleep! Even woke myself up by snoring!!!! LOL

Today we're going to the sugar shack! Traditional quebecor holiday active!
We're going there for diner! The food is so good but so fattening :( lots of maple sirop on everything!! Usually it starts with an omelette, crepes with maple sirop all over it, 3% milk and lots more! I might just stick with an omelette and maybe a bit of crepes and for sure half a slice of their delicious homemade bread with some butter on it! Omg just talking about it makes me full! Lol I'm honestly sugared out!!! Love maple sirop!!! so good! once a year! right?
I keep telling myself that... LOL
I even had 1 or 2 smirnoff ice? that is the question lol

I hope everyone had a good night tonight and a good day today! Love when it's the weekend!

This is a really good family weekend so far! Well deserved and lots of fun :)

Xoxoox a demain

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