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Monday, March 5, 2012


Yesterday night was awful.. Couldn't fall asleep until 1.30am!! I found myself tossing around for a long time before finding a comfortable position! I miss my hubby!!!
Usually he calms me down and hugs me when I can't sleep so I don't wake up, start reading or turn on my computer!! But yesterday I was all by myself and yes..yes...yes... I was on the computer from 10pm to 1.30am catching up on shows, networking and browsing our possible new furniture to our new place :)
Gotta be productive if I can't sleep*

Ring...Ring...Ring... Snooze.........Ring...Ring... I was already 10 mins behind so I decided to get up! Oh Boy* I can't do this tonight I have to go to bed early or at least turn off the computer so my mind stops focusing on something and let myself fall asleep!But I did wake up to a lovely dream :) I dreamed that we were already moved in and it was absolutely perfect!! I seriously can't wait!! Less than 3 months!!

Le menu tonight is very simple, fish and bokchoy! It was so good. I always watched my mother when I was younger cook the fish only with salt,pepper and lemon on it.. They use to grill it on a barbecue but this was back in the days. I still try to follow her recipe but this time I added some paprika and some parsley! It was delicious!! And I made enough so that I would have some left over for lunch tomorrow!

Tonight I am going to take it slow I clean up a bit when I came home.. I heard that Revenge was a good show so I might just end up watching it instead of organizing my closet! lol Monday is usually my lazy day.. I hope everyone had a good Monday today!! xox

I got some pure maple sirop cotton candy (60kcal for the whole thing) and I got season 1 of revenge on! Have a good night Everyone xo


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