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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Early morning-

8:20am... Couldn't sleep any longer! lol you've got to be kidding me?!Saturday morning can't sleep past 8.30am... lol Hubby looked adorable , didn't want to wake him up so I got myself out of bed and brewed le café ; My cousin was on Skype this morning so we talked for a bit...It was really nice! Did I already tell you guys that I love talking to her =) lol

My last panier of laundry was done this morning.. Usually when we do laundry we add all of ti in a pile on the bed and fold it while watching desperate housewives on Sunday! But since our tv broke down and we have the projector in our room so we had no choice to dump all of our clean clothes on the living room couch.. Today is Saturday and Desperate Housewives is on Sunday lol.. Can I really wait this long? I have to agree that it does bother me on the couch... Will see! lol Mika(cat) seems to love sleeping on top of it, maybe this could be his new bed? LOL

Today was very exciting for the both of us! We made our final payment for our trip this upcoming June. It felt like a huge weight came off our shoulders and now we could start planning everything. First things first we need to register online and pick our excursions and most important budget it all! We spent about 2 hours going through stores and picking our outfits lol  We're such nerds! 8-)
We didn't buy anything, I still have 20 lbs to go and he wants to go back to the gym.
We have about 2 1/2 months to go!

Le menu ce soir is rougaille saucisse, it's a dish from my native country Mauritius. 
Delicious and if you love tomatoes you will love this! It very easy to make and If I can do it anybody can do it!

Rougaille Saucisse:
  • Spicy Italian sausages
  • 1 medium can of tomatoes
  • garlic and ginger
  • onion
  • hot pepper (optinal) we like our food picante
  • coriander
  • oil
We usually eat this with rice but since I'm trying to avoid eating carbs suchs as rice. Mine is going to be rice-less ( if that's even a word) ! You can also add any greens to it, we sometimes add bok choy or spinach in it to get our daily greens.. You can even it this with pasta even toasted bread with garlic butter! Yum!

Tonight is going to be a quiet night..We are going to rent a movie and cuddle in bed!

*Everyone don't forget to change your time!We're adding an hour to the regular time*

XO Kisses*


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