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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jour -1

Wow what a difference makes when I go to bed at 9.45pm! I should do that every night! Hubby called me at 10.45pm (11:45pm his time); -and I honestly don't remember a thing from our conversation last night* lol Poor thing he must have been very tired! Waking up so early and then working until late at night and repeat the same routine for 3 days in the row! He is a champion! I don't know how he does it!

Today was a very busy day at work for me! Insane the amount of calls that we got!I am completely drained and have no more energy left! I stayed at work until 4.30pm ( usually my shift ends at 4pm) waiting for a friend to give me lift home. She is really nice and doing overtime herself , talk about being a trooper

So tonight is clean up day! I have to finish my laundry that I've started yesterday , and maybe if I still have some energy left clean up the storage room.. There is still quite a few boxes and other stuff that we kept there since we never use them! But I think that these unused items will go straight in the trash since we never use it! whats the point of keeping something I don't use..right?
I feel like sometimes I hold on to things that I am attached and don't use them! But feel happy that it's still there..Oh my* Something is definitely wrong with me!
This year, hubby and I decided that t was going to be about us and about the things that we want.. sort of a like a new beginning!So to be able to have a new beginning we need to let go of some stuff..I am going to get rid of it all!!No turning back!Decision made!*

Le menu tonight is smoke salmon salad (romaine salad,hearts of palms,cherry tomatoes ,salt,pepper and olive oil) YUM!! Snack tonight will be my sour cream & onion rice chips (230kcal) I need some carbs!!

Have a good night everyone xoxo

Bonne nuit XOXO


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