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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snowy Day*

Good morning Bloggers!

The famous tossing around in bed (we all know what I'm talking about lol) ..Am I getting up or 5 more min?? That is the question?... After 10 min of doing so I looked up at the alarm clock and it was only 9:30am!! I was so happy but somehow I was still very tired! So we both decided to stay in bed...
Hubby and I started planning about our day today and as we were talking my alarm rang...10:30am! Wow, this hour went by so fast, can't believe it! I guess it's true when people say that when you're enjoying your time it does go by fast*
So we woke up and he made some coffee and cooked his breakfast. since I am trying to eat less calories he makes his own meal and I make my own...It's easier to keep track of what I eat that way!
 I was actually excited this morning to have some cereal (it's been way too long); I bought some mueslix yesterday and they are only 210kcal for 2/3cup ,and of course with 1/2cup of skim milk total of 265kcal! Not that bad at all!! I also had a poached egg with  the hubby and my  favorite dark roasted coffee Yum!
I love the smell of coffee in the morning, it makes me happy*
I then made my grocery list and we decided to drive up north in the mountains and maybe take a walk there ...
We had a small snow storm (more like a wind storm) yesterday night and due to that there was a lot of snow this morning! The weather is beautiful and not too cold at all if you're dressed to tackle the wind lol- And with all that snow it would be perfect to walk up there!
Hubby and I have this thing that whenever we don't know what to do we just hop in the car and drive around and look at houses and decided which one we like and we always use to tell ourselves that one day we would be home owners and that our house will look like the one we picked! :) Where we went today had lots of new built homes and some in the making...
As we were driving around we both talked about how we could fix and add some stuff to our new place, but this time we didn't talk about liking this one and having our house look like this one and that one but focused on our new home. I must say that it felt nice!
 I am proud to say that we are Homeowners!! =)

After this beautiful drive/walk we went to our famous grocery store Costco! One thing though about Costco it's that this place is always packed! I sometime feel bad for the people working there because they never have a break! They are champions!!
Our bill today was $50, we were motivated and only bought the things that we needed! Nothing else! And right after we paid, I felt this little rumble coming from my stomach and I knew I was hungry.................. And that's where it all went wrong lol
Hubby got himself a nice smoked meat sandwich and got me some fries! Omg they were amazing but after eating the whole thing that's when I decided to log it into my Loseit application and saw how fattening it was; I almost fainted when I saw how much calories this delicious meal was! 800KCAL!!!! This is very bad! But thankfully  I am  just over 100kcal today and still under my weekly budget by 933kcal... I figured that I would cut around and eat less tonight but my hubby took out some steak yesterday and already marinated it! Steaks are my favorite! So I decided that today was going to be my Cheat day* .. I deserve it!  But tomorrow I really need to get back on track!
I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful Saturday wherever you are! Bisous
I am going to spend time with my hubby since he is leaving tomorrow morning for another hard week at work! XOXO

A demain!

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