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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Before going to bed yesterday I turned on my alarm to wake up early and not miss half of the day!At 8am I was awake, made some nice coffee and had a skype date with my cousin for about an hour or so.. Missed her! Love the smell of coffee!!! :) I'm such a nerd I know*
 Also I Woke up this morning to the beautiful tulips on my kitchen table!I love having flowers in the house, it makes me happy! Love the color too!

Today was the big day.. Hubby and I are going to try snowboarding for the first time! Just the thought of it scares me...We got this really good deal and since I'm trying to be outside as much as possible I gave in! Let me fill you guys in on my past and only skiing experienced... Back a couple years ago hubby and I went on a romantic getaway to Blue Mountain (north of Toronto) ; I am from an island and never thought I would be skiing nor would I be close to a place like that.. I saw children half my age on the mountains rocking it so I told myself that I would give it a try... Hubby was overly excited because it was approximately 6+ years that he didn't ski, we didn't take any classes and only rented the equipment! As the chair lift went up my heartbeat went up! I didn't know that we had to jump at the top of the mountain as silly as it sound so I totally missed that one and ended up flat on my face ouch that one hurt!
Hubby was showing me how to get up and ski but I couldn't ski or try to do what he was demonstrating me.. Oh boy thinking about it now, that must've been so funny for the people around me. Somehow I got myself up and followed him slowly but caught up on speed and........... That's when I totally lost control and panicked!!! Instead of doing what he taught me I stood up like a fork and went so fast ( I totally thought I was going to die lol ) and the only way I could stop was to go straight on the side post! BAD IDEA.
My skies popped out and I ended up going around the post twice and fell in my back. I was so lucky! I wasn't dead...didn't break anything but I was traumatized and crying hysterically lol!
I totally felt bad because I kept stopping and asking question and he couldn't ski normally! lol so I took the easy way out, I went to the spa while he worked it out on the mountains!
I promised myself that I would never try this again and yet I found myself in this snowboarding class!
This time we made sure to get a private instructor for couple hours and try something that we both don't know, so that we would be at the same level.. The sad part is that I would never try skiing again.. I am Traumatized.lol

 I must say that my experience today was totally different from my first time skiing! I am so glad I gave it another chance! I can't lie in the beginning I was afraid and didn't know how I would be able to face this activity but I am glad I swallowed my pride and went for it! We had a lot of fun and at the end I was able to go down the hill by myself, I stayed on the same medium height hill while my brave hubby went and tried other ones.. This was such a great outdoor activity that we are for sure going to continue doing.. I am so sad that winter is over but we will for sure sign up for it next upcoming winter..!!
Mohammed Ali was a good movie! All my life I thought that it was just a regular boxer but he was more than that, I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone!Loved it!

About the blog, I changed it a bit yesterday and added some pictures and somewhere for everyone to subscribed to it too :) Also if you guys want to follow me here is my twitter:Ms_lilie
I hope you guys like the new updated blog :)

Le menu ce soir is the left over from yesterdays night, we did change it a bit by adding some cooked and chopped bacon on our cauliflower purée! Yum delicious!! Loved every bite of it!
I am going to take a very ' HOT  bath so that I don't wake up too sore tomorrow morning ( I hope)!

 Xoxo I hope every one of you had a good Sunday!


Ps: Sorry guys I took pictures of everything else except me.. lol go figure...

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