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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hubby is home

Today is my Friday! It's so beautiful out today! I woke up this morning and the heat wasn't turned off in my bedroom and oh boy it was so warm!
I looked up the temperature this morning and it was around 24 degrees in my room! I rather it being cold in my room through the night, the reason being is because I get headaches when I get up in the morning!!
I'm going to keep hydrated today and drinks a lot of water so that it goes away!
It was weird this morning not to wake up to No coffee smell...
I got myself a coffee at work with 2%milk they didn't have skim milk! Coffee is seriously my red bull in the morning!!It's a must have!
I brought from home a 50kcal Gatorade and my 100kcal fibre cereal bar!!
Today my hubby gets home oh yeah! can't wait! I have to pack tonight for our weekend getaway and finishing up some laundry! Can it be 4pm already? Lol!!

It started raining in the middle of the day boohoo and it did get a little chilly!
Not fun but I'm glad the cold writer days are over!!! I got home cleaned up a little bit, folded the laundry, and turned on the dishwasher!! I also changed my bed sheets for summer sheets!! The winter sheets we had on were way too warm!!! We got these nice 500 thread count sheets from his mom for Christmas! Love them!!

I don't have a menu ce soir, I cleaned up the fridge and emptied all of the leftovers that were just sitting there and now we're out of food.. Maybe a burger and some home made fries.. I've been wanting to have something with carbs.. Usually I am pretty good at not eating carbs when I crave it but I feel like my body needs it! So we might just pick up something and might as well have a nice burger lol :D

If somehow my wifi connection doesn't work up there, I will for sure catch up on all of the blogs :) and I promise to have a lot of pictures!! :)  I hope you guys had a great day today!




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